A Celestial Instrument can take any form, and is the main weapon of all Cosmic Warriors.


Celestial Instruments are the primary weapons of the Cosmic Warriors, each one being specific to the soul of the Warrior they belong to. Its shape, power, and form all depend on the strength and will of its owner. Like with their owners, Celestial Instruments can take on a specific attribute, usually corresponding to their owners' planet. It is unknown how Instruments came into being or how Warriors acquired them, but in the 20th century, a reincarnated Warrior Moon was given her Instrument's avatar state through contact with Luna. The same was shown for Makoto, and can be assumed for Minako

Celestial Instrument FormsEdit

Depending on the strength of the weilder, the form a Celestial Instrument takes can change.

  • Avatar State: The base state all Celestial Instruments take. In this form they are at their smallest and can be mistaken for everyday items. In this state they have no offensive power.
  • Sealed State: The first state in which the Celestial Instrument is an actual weapon and their power can be used along with their wielders'. 
  • Unknown State: The state that follows Sealed, Luna explained that Usagi's lance temporarily enters this state when she fights using Moon Blade Slash.

Known Celestial InstrumentsEdit

  • Warrior Moon
    • Avatar State: Golden Chain Braclet
    • Sealed State: Lance
    • Unnamed State: Traditional Western Sword
  • Warrior Venus
    • Avatar State: Heart Earrings
    • Sealed State: Whips
    • Unnamed State: Heart Shaped Disk and Chains
  • Warrior Jupiter
    • Avatar State: Metal Bracelets
    • Sealed State: Metal Gauntlets