Cosmic Warriors
Location Earth
Previous Location Galaxy
Primary Power Celestial Instrument
Important Members Inner Warriors

Cosmic Warrior is a title that signifies a Warrior of the Cosmos, whose job it is to be either a guardian for the Princess of the Moon, or of the Solar System. The exact number of Warriors was never mentioned, but after the fall of the Kingdom it is assumed the rest perished, leaving only the five Inner Guardians to hold the title of Cosmic Warrior.


Cosmic Warriors are described as Warriors of the Cosmos, each one with a specific identity respective to the planets or heavenly body they represent. The powers of a Cosmic Warrior often manifest themselves in the ability or attribute that reflects their planet or heavenly body. On top of their innate powers, all Cosmic Warriors possess a Celestial Instrument that take the form of weapons to aid the Warriors in combat. It is assumed they were granted immortality by Queen Serenity, and as a result do not show physical signs of aging.

It is unknown how Cosmic Warriors are chosen, or when the title came into use. Due to the large amount of cosmic energy they possess, Warriors are able to push their bodies past the limit humans could and extraordinary abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength: By utilizing their cosmic energy, Cosmic Warriors can gain access to incredible levels of physical strength, not only used for combat, but also for physical activities such as jumping, running, and lifting.
  • Enhanced Durability: The damage it would take to kill or wound a Cosmic Warrior exceeds that of a human, although they cannot completely escape death.
  • Celestial Instrument: Cosmic Warriors use special weapons in battle, each weapon is different among Warriors and works specifically to  their strengths and powers. 


Cosmic Warriors all are females and dress similarly in battle, wearing skin-tight streamline jumpsuits that cover their entire bodies. The primary and secondary colours of their suits can vary between Warriors, as well as the suit's footwear and the symbols that appear on the back of the hands and back of the suit. Additionally all Warriors wear white diamond-shaped masks that cover their entire faces, with only two slashes, one vertical and one horizontal, for them to breathe and see through. Although this uniform has become standard, it was stated by Luna as the power of the Warrior increases their transformations, suits, and weapons will change as well. 


  • Protection of the Royal Family: The five Inner Warriors were all close to the Royal Family, their daughter the Princess most of all, it was their job to not only protect her, but the Moon and its Kingdom as well.
  • Solar System Governance: Without an official authority to enforce the rules of space, the Cosmic Warriors were expected to keep the peace in their own planets, as well as between planets in the Solar System.

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