A gem used to contain the spirit of reanimated body, known as an Experiment. The gem containing the spirit is no larger than an infant's fist and when activated it gives off a smoke matching the colour of the gem. Through the smoke the physical body of the Experiment is formed. After the gem is used it can leave behind dust or pieces of the gem itself. 

Other than the gem to hold the Experiment, upon creation of an Experiment four gems are created. They are:

  • Sleep Gem: Used to contain their spirit.
  • Activation Gem: When destroyed it activates the Sleep Gem which then releases the spirit of the Experiment, which then takes physical form.
  • Recall Gem: When destroyed the body of the Experiment is transported to the location of the destroyed Recall Gem.
  • Life Gem: When destroyed the corresponding Experiment dies in a manner of their body breaking down into black matter that breaks away into chunks and dust.