The Global Protectors are the top-ranked Protectors in the Division of Protection within the Silver Guard.


The rank of Global Protector is made up six individuals, each with their own Division to command and a subordinate Protector. Although they share the same rank, Mani is the Head of the Division, which makes the Division of Protection the Division he commands as a Global Protector.

Besides responsibilities to their Divisions, the Global Protectors are responsible for maintaining balance and order across the world, when it comes to dealing with evil. Unlike a Protector, who must receive clearance to leave Japan, a Global Protector can travel and work outside the country as they see fit. They also have a responsibility to make sure Protectors do not break this rule, as seen when Nikkal was summoned by Jarilo into helping out in America. The former was upset that the rule had been broken and Luna was later worried about how she would deal with the situation.

Name Division Subordinate
Notable Members
Mani Protection N/A


Desi (Briefly)




Artemis Warriors Gesi
Kalla Authority Dewi
Losna Secrets Nikkal
Ilargi Information Iah

Jarilo (Previous)

Soma (Current)