Race Lunarian
Birthday July 6th
Age 30
Gender Male
Height 6'0"
Weight 160 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Silver Guard
Previous Affiliation Moon Kingdom
Profession Protector
Previous Profession Unknown
Position Global Protector
Previous Position Unknown
Division Division of Authority
Partner Dewi
Base of Operations Keio University
Previous Base of Operations Moon Kingdom
Personal Status
First Appearance
Chapter Chapter 2 - Goodbye, Halcyon Days

Kalla is a Global Protector within the Silver Guard, and is in charge of the Division of Authority.


Kalla is a tall, slender, albeit muscular, man with fair skin. He has a strong jawline and short brown hair with bangs that curl down over his forehead. He is always seen wearing red rimmed rectangle glasses over his green eyes. Other than in his short stint as a detective, Kalla always wears his standard Protector uniform, grey shoes, dark grey slacks with a matching double-breasted jacket with a section of purple on the right side of his chest, under the breast flap.


Kalla has a tendency to be rather aggressive and rude, particularly towards humans he dislikes and Usagi, whom he feels takes her job too lax. Kalla can also be manipulative as shown with Natsuna to keep her quiet about the events concerning the actions of the Dark Kingdom.


Nothing is known as Kalla's past other than that he used to live on the Moon and was among the group of people saved by the Silver Crystal and sent to Earth.


Kalla first appears undercover as a detective in Goodbye, Halcyon Days interrogating Usagi about what happened with Naru. He reappears in Years of Conspiracy with Dewi, investigating the crime scene at Stack Attack. He shows up again in the following chapter as a Protector at the meeting Usagi attends. He appears later in The Warrior of Storms where he is advising Natsuna Sakurada on what to say to the public about the murders. He appears next in Skeleton Bells 2 and 3, brainstorming on how to handle the situation and to recover Luna's body.

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

  • Spear: Kalla uses a spear with a red staff and a three-pronged blade at the top, his piece of the Crystal is set at the base where the three blades sprout from. The change his weapon takes upon the activation of the Crystal's power has not been shown.
  • Silver Crystal Fragment: After Artemis managed to retrieve numerous pieces of the shattered Silver Crystal Kalla, along with the other Protectors, were all given a shard. It is later revealed they all embed their shards into their weapons. The change the Crystal gives Kalla in terms of power has not been shown, but it is assumed he able to suppress strong Youma and cleanse weaker ones.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Affinity: Not yet shown.

Tactical Master: Kalla has extensive knowledge over battle and has shown the ability to use his tactics swiftly in the heat of the moment. He currently has control over the SAT and commands their actions, he is able to organize and assemble their forces at a moments notice for battle.