This is a list of known Experiements created by the Dark Kingdom, by order of appearance.


Experiment-D-U-D was the title given to Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, a hero of Irish mythology, after being reanimated by the Dark Kingdom. He was first used in a wide scale attack coordinated by Jadeite to drain energy through fear in Tokyo. After Jadeite's death Nephrite used a few of the remaining clones to assist him in attacking Juuban Hall.


Experiment-Psy was the title given to Psyche, a woman of mythlogy who was in love with Cupid, after being reanimated by the Dark Kingdom. She was first used by Jadeite a singer in the House of Fortune to seduce customers and sap their energy. She fought alongside her lover, Experiment-E, against Warrior Moon and Sailor V before being defeated.


Experiment-E was the title given to Eros, also known as Cupid, after being reanimated by the Dark Kingdom. He was given the job of tracking Sailor V and he succeeded in figuring out her identity. During an altercation in a consctruction zone he was killed by Warrior Moon.


Experiment-H was the title given to an unknown figure that the Dark Kingdom created. Jadeite is assumed to be the one who was in charge of it, and it is known that Warrior Moon destroyed it at some point.


Experiment-V was the title given to a failed Experiment of Sailor V. After gathering DNA of Sailor V, the workers in the Dark Kingdom attempted to make an Experiment of the girl, but failed after realizing Experiments could only be created from beings who are no longer alive.


This was an Experiment creation that failed due to the host of the DNA still being preseumably alive. All that was known about the possible Experiment was that it was a young white male, whose numerical code was 1-0-1-4-5.


Experiment-L was the title given to Loki, from Norse mythology, after being reanimated by the Dark Kingdom. He was created by Zoisite, preseumbly without being authorized by the lab to be used as his personal assistant. He was first used at the Wonder Show, before he accompanied Zoisite during his mission with Nephrite at Juuban Hall. He was later destroyed by Artemis.