Race Lunarian
Birthday December 26th
Age 14
Gender Female
Height 5'0"
Weight 95 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Silver Guard
Previous Affiliation Moon Kingdom
Profession Protector
Position Global Protector
Division Division of Science and Research
Partner Nikkal
Base of Operations Keio University
Previous Base of Operations Kingdom of Serenity
Personal Status
First Appearance
Chapter Silver Guard 1
Losna is a Global Protector within the Silver Guard, and is in charge of the Division of Science and Research.


Losna is a short girl with olive-coloured skin. She has a small face, with large features (eyes, nose, ears, mouth). Her large round eyes are sunken in, with the beginnings of dark circles around them. She has a round nose and under that a mouth that forms into a crooked smile.


Like her appearance Losna is very much like a child, she is soft-spoken, shy, and often has trouble making herself heard during large discussions. She enjoys the simpler things of life on Earth like watching television and riding in cars. Losna's personality is reflected only by her surroundings, during her life on the Moon she was a child with a strong sense of right and wrong.


Nothing is known about Losna's past other than that she used to live on the Moon and was among the group of people saved by the Silver Crystal and sent to Earth.


Losna first appears in Silver Guard 1 at the meeting Usagi attends with Luna and Artemis. She is then present at other times; in The Warrior of Storms she is among the group that watches Usagi train with Spores. She appeared in The Battle for Tokyo with other Protectors to combat the Youma, Terra.

In Pagan Things and Artistic Dreams, Losna informed the Warriors on the status of the bodies they recovered as a result of Nephrite's energy gathering. She was also a part of the group that traveled to Rhode Island to investigate a strange death and the events surrounding it, once there she supplied the Warriors with custom made earpieces that would translate English into Japanese for them.

In Eat, Die, Love she was present when the specialist Dr. Belias came to observe the dead body of W.R. Droma and Laurie Mathews. During a training session in Opulence Losna was among the Protectors having a discussion about the arrival of Princess Daiya  and her famed diamond.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Weapon: Losna wields a double-sided ax with a green handle, the axe is just one foot shorter than her own body height. Her shard of the Crystal is placed between the two blades.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit