The Moon Kingdom refers to all habitatable land on the Moon during the Silver Millennium, under the rule of Queen Serenity.


Specifically, the Moon Kingdom is a name to describe the one hundred sectors that surround the Sea of Serenity. The sectors are divided by their location, with twenty-five spreading out in each direction. Each sector is numbered in descending order based on how far they are from the Sea of Serenity. Property in sectors that are closer to the Sea are more plush and expensive. This results in weather families living closer to the Sea, and in turn closer to the Kingdom of Serenity. This also results in the higher-numbered sectors -- ones farthest from the Sea -- decaying in slums and ghettos. Laws and social etiquette are upheld in the first sector, as opposed the twenty-fifth where crimes are common place, there are no organizations that uphold any laws and many residents wear rags and have no footwear.


  • No one living in the Moon Kingdom is closely related to those living in the Kingdom of Serenity.
  • Immortality is not granted to residents of the Kingdom, sexually transmitted diseases and illness keep the population in the higher numbered sectors very low.