The Silver Guard is an secret military organization, stationed in Tokyo, Japan.


The origins of the Silver Guard are unknown, but according to Mani the SIlver Guard has existed for "over a millenium", meaning it was created some time before fall of the Moon. The Guard was founded by the three Council memebers, Meness, Hecate, and Phoebe.


Because the Silver Guard has many comparments, it has many goals and missions, but their two main goals umbrella all others.

  • The protection of the human race and the planet Earth.
  • The preservation of the history of the Lunarians.


The Silver Guard does not operate as a single unit, but is instead composed of several Divisions and comparments, each with their own agenda. The Divions within the Guard are run by a leader who is in control of how their dapartment operates.


The Guard is made up of an unknown number of Divisions, and in each of them there is a separate ranking of power. All Divisions are under the command of the Council, but the Head of each Division is free to make and enforce their own rules, but the Council's may supersede them. Divisions may establish sub-Divisions within themselves. 

The CouncilEdit

The Council is a group of individuals who oversee the entire Silver Guard and all its operations. They are the supreme leaders of the organization and are able to enforce rules and punishments on any below them. The current, and only known, Council members are Meness, Hecate, and Phoebe.

Global ProtectorsEdit

Global Protectors are second in command in the Silver Guard, they hold the third highest positions of power in the organization, with Mani being the exception who holds the second highest position (being in charge of the Global Protecotrs). Although they operate usually without restrictions, unless enforced by the Head Global Protector, they are still required to follow the commands of the Council. Each Global Protector is in charge of a Division and in turn a team of lower ranking Protectors and Agents. If in the event of a death of a Global Protector, their Protector will become promoted to take their spot.


The fourth in command in the organization, Protectors, working directly with their respective Global Protector as a partner. In the evnet of a death of a Protector, an Agent from the same Diviisioin is usually chosen as a replacement. It can happen when an Agent from another Division may be chosen as a replacement. 


Agents are the lowest ranking member of the SIlver Guard and can range from humans to any other kind of living being working for the Guard. Agents can move in and out of a Divison at their choice, after ungoing a proper placement change.