Six Moons
Founder(s) Meness
Headquarters Kingdom of Serenity; Moon
Leader(s) Meness
Senior Member(s) Meness, Phoebe
Other Members 1st Moon
2nd Moon
3rd Moon
4th Moon
5th Moon
6th Moon
Affiliation Moon Kingdom
The Six Moons (Six Moon Armed Vanguard) was the primary military branch on the Moon during the age of the Silver Millennium.


The Six Moons is a group of 


The Six Moons is made up six Squads (numbered one to six), each with its own specific duties. The Six Moons is lead by the Squad-Master, who has the authority to control all activities of the Six Moons.

Within each Squad there can be any number of members who all work under two members known as the Squad Officer and Squad Head, respectively. The Squad Head oversees and directs all affairs of their Squad. Squad Heads rarely gather together for a formal meeting, but can be gathered under the command of the Squad-Master in that individual's headquarters. Often actions and commands given by the Squad Head are enforced by the Officer. During meetings the Heads and Master can discuss matters and issues that affect the Kingdom of Serenity and decide on courses of action. Each Head is considered equal in power regardless of tenure. The Squad-Master has the option of meeting with a Head individually or making changes within a Squad after bypassing the authority of the respective Head.


The Squad-Master acts as the official leader of the Six Moons, and requires them to oversees all operations of the Six Moons. The only figures which the Squad-Master has to answer to are the Queen and her advisors. A new Squad-Master can be chosen at any time while the current Master is alive, only by the current Master. If the Squad-Master dies and has not selected a successor the duty falls upon the the Queen.

Squad HeadEdit

A Squad Head function as commanders of their Squads and determine the organization, responsibilities, and policy of their Squads. The authority of a Head is cannot be challenged by a subordinate or another Squad Head. Only the Squad-Head has the ability to enforce a rule upon a Squad or overrule the decision of a Head. Because Squad Heads have complete rule of their own Squads, the six Squads do not act as a single military unit, but as separate divisions.

Becoming a Squad Head:Edit
  • Election: There must be six sworn in Squad Heads at all times, therefore if a spot becomes open to a demotion or a death, the Squad-Master and all remaining Squad Heads gather and decide on a replacement. All Squad members, including the Officer, of the Squad from which the previous Head came from are eligble for the promtion. The voting method used is majority rule.
  • Selection: One right given to all Squad Heads is the ability to select their replacement upon retirement or their resignation. Regardless of opinion, the choice of a Squad Head for their replacement cannot be overuled, even by the Squad-Master or Queen.