A Soul Release is a technique used for gathering large amounts of energy from a single target.

Overview Edit

The process involves implanting a demon spirit into a human body. Over time the two spirits form an unstable energy that results in erratic behavior and causes the human’s energy levels to fluctuate, while blocking all physical signs of energy output such as sweat, increased heart rate, and adrenaline. Eventually the human’s energy will reach an apex when draining energy from them yields the highest profit and their bodies will begin to emit a light from their skin. At the time their body begins to give off the light their energy will remain at this peak for a total of twelve hours. The final step to the soul release is to extract the Star Seed of the human and remove the demon spirit that has clung to, and is feeding, off the Star Seed. The result is that the Star Seed, the human soul, becomes unstable and is placed back inside the human where it will be unable to function and shatter which causes a form of combustion that results in the body being blown apart. The amount of time before the target dies after having their Star Seed replaced is relative, based on the strength of their will.

Known Victims of the Soul Release Edit